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Join Canada’s youngest workforce. Explore opportunities in our start-ups, small businesses, and big corporations. Plus, enjoy higher wages and lower taxes.


Alberta’s average median after-tax income
Start daydreaming about life in Alberta.
On average, key professions make more in Alberta, both in yearly salaries and in hourly wages.


Mechanical Engineer Average Salary


Accountant Average Salary


Electrician Average Salary


Nurse Practitioner
Average Salary


computer Engineer Average Salary


Plumber average Salary

More Money, More Time

Work to live

Pursue your dreams, plan for your future, and still have plenty of time to discover all that Alberta has to offer.

Alberta offers the highest median after-tax income in Canada.

Stats courtesy of: Statistics Canada

Relocation Stories

Making the move

Pavan moved to Edmonton from Toronto for an exciting career opportunity. He loves his new job as well as his new home.

I’m so surprised by how much I like this city...I’m enjoying my time here, I really like it.”
Toronto to Edmonton
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Alberta is Hiring

Your money goes further in Alberta

Albertans pay less in overall taxes with no PST, no payroll tax or health premium, as well as a low provincial income tax that almost 40% of Alberta tax filers don't pay.

What did the Albertan say to the Canadian? You're hired.

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