2 young adults are browsing records at a vinyl store.
2 young adult cyclists are posing with bikes against the Walterdale Bridge & Edmonton skyline.
2 adults with arms around each other are enjoying the Stampede parade in downtown Calgary.
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Live the life you’ve always wanted to live. Make the most of Alberta’s low taxes, high wages, and affordable housing.


Average cost of a home in Alberta
2 homes for the price of 1.
In Alberta, the average cost of a new home is half of what you would pay in Ontario and BC. If you're not ready to buy a house, you'll still save with Alberta's lower average rent costs.


Average Detached Home In Edmonton


Average Detached Home In Calgary


Average Townhouse In Edmonton


Average townhouse in calgary


Average Condo In Edmonton


Average Condo In Calgary

Earn More, Live Better

Room to explore

When your income goes up, your taxes go down and the overall cost of living is less, you can live a more affordable life and have a bit more to explore.

More money for things like: hockey & concert tickets
It’s an exterior view of the Rogers Place Arena in Edmonton.
See The Best In Entertainment

Catch a game or some of today’s biggest acts at the absolutely stunning Rogers Place—home to Connor McDavid and the Edmonton Oilers.

More money for things like: Calgary Stampede
2 young adults on a balcony are looking at each other while the Stampede parade passes by below.
Calgary Stampede

You don’t have to be a cowboy to enjoy Stampede—an annual, 10-day rodeo that attracts over one million visitors and features stage shows, concerts, exhibitions, and more.

More money for things like: music festivals
A crowd of people are sitting at Gallagher Park at night experiencing the Edmonton Folk Fest.
Festival City

Edmonton is nicknamed “Festival City”, with over 50 unique festivals each year. Edmonton’s Folk Fest features a beautiful downtown skyline as a backdrop and brings artists from around the world—from grassroots musicians to well-known acts. Over 100,000 people flow through the gates over the four-day event.

Relocation Stories

Making the move

Natasha and her partner moved from Toronto to Calgary hoping to start anew in a city that worked for both their lifestyles. The things she thought they would have to leave behind in Toronto, she was able to find in Calgary.

“Calgary is a great city...
We’re both just really proud of how far we’ve come.”
Toronto to Calgary
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Go Further, Faster

Your money goes further in Alberta

Albertans pay less in overall taxes with no PST, no payroll tax or health premium, as well as a low provincial income tax that 40% of Alberta tax filers don't pay.

Fewer Taxes In Alberta

Alberta’s the only province with no PST or HST and offers the lowest overall taxes in Canada – helping you keep more in your pocket.


A couple earning $75,000 with two children would pay $1,500 more in B.C.


A couple earning $75,000 with two children would pay $3,900 more in Ontario

No Land Transfer Tax

Alberta does not have a land transfer tax, making homeownership in Alberta more affordable.


Land tax in Vancouver on the average home cost ($2M)


Land tax in Toronto on the average home cost ($1.45M)

Lower Housing Costs

Alberta has some of the lowest housing prices and rental costs among Canadian urban centres–well below the national average of 63%.





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